When I heard about a test that uses DNA and taste preferences to pair you with wines, I had to give it a shot.Bob Bryan/Business Insider

I’ve taken DNA tests that have told me all about my ancestry and health and even one that told me which superhero genes I had.

When I heard about Vinome, a test that uses your DNA and taste preferences to pair you up with wines you might like, I had to give it a shot.

Within our genome, there are genes that correspond to certain taste and smell preferences. For example, some people are genetically predisposed to hate the taste of cilantro while others love it. Based on those genes and a survey about what foods you like and dislike, Vinome uses its algorithm to find wines from the wineries it partners with that you might enjoy.

Going into the test, I was skeptical about what it could tell me. I knew of only one or two genes related to taste, and I figured that wasn’t enough to tell me whether I liked merlot or pinot noir. Plus, my go-to wine has always been pinot grigio, and I figured a test wouldn’t make me automatically change my mind about it in favor of another wine.

With that in mind, I started the process, and here’s what I learned.