Hybrid Integration Platform for B2B, API and MFT enables digital business

Atlanta, GA, October 11, 2017 – SEEBURGER, a global leader providing business integration solutions and a leading provider of Hybrid Integration Platform solutions, announced that it has been cited in the Gartner report “Master B2B Ecosystem Integration With a Blended EDI and API Approach”.

According to Gartner, APIs and API management complement, rather than replace, traditional B2B technologies such as EDI and MFT. Application leaders should leverage their legacy B2B skills while taking advantage of new API capabilities to optimize their business ecosystem for digital business. Gartner also advised: A number of different integration technologies can be used to deliver B2B APIs, including iPaaS, B2B gateways or API gateways. These products may be used individually (the traditional approach) or together in a more modern configuration as part of a hybrid integration platform (HIP). A HIP is a capability framework that combines on premises and cloud-based integration and governance capabilities to support a wide range of integration use casesi).

The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) is German-engineered as a single, scalable, secure and innovative integration platform without any third-party patchwork. This makes it unique in the way it provides a complete Hybrid Integration Platform to power all your connections and support all business use cases from traditional EDI, B2B and MFT to enabling your digital business transformation and delivering digital services via API. BIS also enables companies to setup any kind of E-Invoicing processes and supports IoT scenarios where shop floor is connected with business IT.

With SEEBURGER BIS, B2B teams working on traditional EDI fulfillment projects and API teams working on innovative API-based digital transformation projects can all share and benefit from the same…

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