Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Hysteria tied to Claims of Global Warming and Climate Change Debunked by Dr. Roy Spencer’s New Book says Friends of Science Society

“Inevitable Disaster” by Dr. Roy Spencer

yet to be rivalled…the Great Hurricane of 1780 in the Caribbean, which had estimated winds of 200 mph and killed 20,000 people

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have received overwhelming media coverage, most of which claimed the storms were caused by global warming and climate change, with Nicholas Kristof in the NYTimes tying hurricanes to climate change denial in an op-ed Sept. 02, 2017. Friends of Science Society says a new book- “Inevitable Disaster” by NASA award-winning scientist, Dr. Roy Spencer of University of Alabama in Huntsville, debunks the climate hysteria with facts and figures as reported in the Washington Times, Sept 21, 2017.

In a Sept. 29, 2017 post, blogger Ron Clutz of “Science Matters” calls it a “Media Duping Scandal” and deconstructs how the media “just add climate change” to every weather story, misinforming the public on every level. Headline hungry reporters use global warming as a means of driving subscriptions.

Likewise, well-meaning celebrities have done great work in fund-raising for victims, but the public is misled when they tie these weather events to global warming, just as Stevie Wonder did at the “Hand-in-Hand” hurricane benefit, as reported in the MSN News, Sept. 13, 2017. Friends of Science says blaming global warming or climate change for weather events ends up diverting public funds from necessary adaptions and resiliency programs.

Spencer’s book and his blog post of Aug. 29, 2017 plot the scientific evidence, showing that hurricanes can occur if ocean temperatures are warm or cooler. Hurricanes originate over the ocean off the coast of Africa, and may strengthen as they cross the…

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