Hurricane Harvey wreaks havoc on Gulf Coast

Valiant action did indeed share the same space as helplessness, hopelessness, gratitude and despair as Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc in Houston, Texas. Rainfall numbers have broken national records at 51.88 inches as of Wednesday, Aug. 30.

Retired FDNY firefighter and Brooklyn-based Vulcan Society member Abdullah Granger told the Amsterdam News that he had spoken with Lieutenant Kevin Maynard, member of International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters of Houston, Tuesday. “He is there working—in the water, in the streets,” said Granger. “He spoke about the severity of the situation there. It’s just a mess there he says, as he could not talk long, I hope to reach him again soon to assist in any way we can.”

A citizen navy boarded all manner of hastily conscripted boats and floatation devices to save fellow Texans. Makeshift shelters were formed out of furniture stores and safe neighbors’ homes, hotels were occupied by hospitals and heroes emerged from the creeping waters of the Lone Star State.

As more and more inches of rain fell this week in the Houston-Galveston area, the wrath of Hurricane Harvey, downgraded to a tropical storm, continued along the Gulf Coast toward Louisiana, sparking more evacuations and further heightening concerns of residents and local and state officials. Harvey blasted ashore as a Category 4 hurricane just north of Corpus Christi late Saturday.

President Donald Trump, along with his wife, White House staff and elected officials, met in Corpus Christi Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 29 for a briefing led by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Trump applauded the efforts of first responders in Texas and promised to make sure the recovery efforts would be swift and serve as a subsequent model for the world. He closed with comments about the impressive size of the crowd that turned out to hear him.

However, critics fault him for saying nothing to the thousands of victims who remain homeless, lost or dead.


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