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Huntington Beach homebuying cooled as pricing soared 8 percent in August.

Here are highlights of ReportsOnHousing house-hunting data for resales of existing detached and attached residences in the community. This analysis includes August trends based on closed sales: sale counts; average price vs. average list price; high and low price paid in the month; average cost per square foot and average size; plus, based on broker listing networks stats on Sept. 7, the “market time” metric comparing supply of listings to new escrows opened in past 30 days.

In Huntington Beach …

Sales: 200 sold vs. 207 a year ago.

Average sales price: $910,812 that ranked No. 14 out of 46 Orange County markets tracked and was up 8.2 percent in a year.

Compared to list: Sellers got 98 percent of what they typically asked for, ranking No. 33 of the 46 markets.

Range: High sale of $3,860,000 vs. the $153,531 low.

Sizing: On average, buyers paid $491 per square foot on a 1,854 square-foot residence. This pricing metric was up 6.6 percent in a year.

Market speed: 59 days, listing to escrow opened vs. 55 days a year ago and 75 days two years ago.

Compare those patterns to countywide trends …

Sales: 3,110 sold vs. 3,069 a year ago, up 1 percent.

Average sales price: $831,964 — up 5.8 percent in a year.

Compared to list: Sellers got 98.1 percent of what they asked for.

Range: High sale of $21 million vs. $58,500 low.

Sizing: $447 per square foot (on a 1,863 square-foot residence), up 5.6 percent in a year.

Market speed: 64 days vs. 78 a year ago and 80 two years ago.

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