Hue Jackson press conference – 7/29

Opening statement:

“Day 3, a lot of good work. The guys competed. We just have to continue getting better. It has only been three days. As I said the other day, we just have to keep working at it.”

On if he pulled the team into the huddle after a scuffle during a team period and addressed it:

“Yes, I did. It is just about the way we want to do things. We are all men and tempers are going to flare from time to time. We just have to take care of each other. I know there are going to be some scuffles, but I want them to be the right kind of scuffles. We are teammates. We are a team. As long as we do it the right way, I’m fine with that. Once it goes across the line, it is my job as the leader of all of this to get everybody back and on the right course. We just had a little discussion, a little conversation.”

On that DL Danny Shelton would have received two minutes in the hockey penalty box during the scuffle:

“He almost got two minutes from me. We will continue to work. Danny is like my son. I have a lot of respect for Danny, but Danny knows that there is a way we are going to do things. He gets it, and we will get all of that stuff corrected.”

On if he recalls a time when a scuffle led to a serious injury:

“I have seen it where it goes a little too far. We just don’t want that to happen. Things can always escalate, but I think our team understands we need everybody. We have to have every player that is here and doing things right. Like I said, we are men. Things will happen, but as long as we handle it, we will be good. Have I seen it where things go too far before? Yes, I have.”

On if the team was setting a tone with 10 out of 11 offensive plays being runs in the team session and if he was surprised that the ‘defense was gashed’ during that period:

“I don’t look at it like that. This is our football team. That was the first day of some live work. There were a few plays made by the offense, and there were some things the defense did…

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