How Video Marketing Can Drive Engagement, Improve SEO and Increase Sales

With 96% of B2B marketers engaged in video marketing, video is poised to be the new darling of the marketing world. Video can (and should) be an essential component of every business’s marketing strategy regardless of the product for sale or target audience.

As a visual medium, video has a powerful influence far surpassing written content: according to Forrester Research, it would take almost five months to produce enough written content to create the impact of 60 seconds of video. In fact, four times as many customers would prefer to watch a video about a product rather than read about it.

For companies looking to market on a global scale, video has the potential to reach far more buyers as visuals can be effective at bridging language gaps.

To have an effective marketing plan in place for 2017, companies must adopt the most relevant and innovative strategies. That is the key to growth. Being open to trying new digital marketing strategies – as they just might appeal to a new demographic, discover a new channel, or find a different approach to branding – go a long way in facilitating expansion. Video marketing is a proven initiative several reasons, the number one reason being that video creates a comfort level for consumers because they connect a face and voice to a company.

Businesses of any size will find that money spent on professionally shot video provides a rewarding return on investment (ROI). Studies have shown that businesses which implemented video marketing grew revenue 49% faster year-over-year than businesses that did not. While it costs an average of $115 in marketing funds to convert a sales lead using non-video marketing, it costs just $93 to convert a lead using video marketing. Video provides a measurable boost to web traffic and sales conversions that we simply don’t see with other forms of marketing: landing page conversions, for example, increase 80% when video is included. The costs of video production…

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