How Trained Physicians Can Greatly Improve An Athlete’s Golf Game

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The doctors at Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic are chiropractic physicians, avid golfers and work and play in The Villages, Florida, which is the nation’s largest retirement community and fastest growing area in the country.

One of the greatest joys of practicing is being able to treat and work with golfers of all skill levels, golfers who play with or without discomfort.

A poorly executed golf swing may not be a players fault or the fault of their teaching pro. It is perhaps, very possible, that someone cannot physically make a proper golf swing due to a biomechanical issue stemming from a sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction.

The most common golf related issue seen at Legacy Clinic is a right handed golfer suffering from right-sided SI joint problems.

The SI joint is extremely important in the golf swing as it is designed to transfer weight and force from the upper part of the body down through the hips to the lower part of the body. The joint itself is designed to move 4-6 mm in every direction. If this joint is not moving and working properly on the right side, then a right handed golfer will not be able to properly transition from their right side over to their left side, in order to make a full and complete swing.

Great chiropractors can usually sit on the driving range and diagnose what is wrong with someone’s lower back and SI joints just from watching a player’s mis-hits, and their pivot, or lack thereof through the golf ball.

Golfers who have some sort of lower back pain should identify and investigate further their lower back issues and its relation to their golf swing and performance. However, most players seen on the driving range are in fact not in any pain, yet their pelvis is completely out of…

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