How to recognize and treat pancreatic cancer

This year, thousands of people will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. While it might not be the most common cancer out there, it is one of the most deadly, and cancer patients will need courage and a sound medical team to help them through it.

Thankfully, experts are still committed to furthering their research on this tough cancer.

Recently, a medical team from the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust decided to analyze the most common treatment for pancreatic cancer: surgery. Their goal was simple.


Lead researcher Keith Roberts and his team worked with several UK hospitals to speed up the time between the cancer’s diagnosis and its necessary surgery. Because pancreatic cancer is so dangerous, the researchers hope to improve survival rates by acting quickly.

During the trial, the researchers focused on speeding up the process for 32 patients, whittling down the waiting period from two months to two weeks. In doing so, they bypassed a procedure for jaundiced patients that supposedly reduces the risk of post-surgery complications, according to BBC News.

Despite overlooking this precaution, doctors were able to successfully remove the tumors from 31 out of the 32 patients. While the researchers are encouraged by these results, they will have to wait several years to see if…

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