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Decorating, either inside or outside, can be pricey, but two Los Angeles DIY design divas offer plenty of solutions for repurposing and planting.

Annette Gutierrez and Mary Gray, long-time proprietors of the garden go-to Los Angeles store called Potted, spent a year experimenting with everyday materials to create lovely containers suitable for any room in your home or even outside. The book, “Potted: Make Your Own Stylish Containers’’ (Timber Press, $19.95) provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to take yard sale or hardware store finds or even concrete, plastic, metal and driftwood and turn them into attention grabbers.

Fall is here and with it that seasonal pull to plant. It can be hard to contain yourself when trying to choose the right vessels, especially with so many options, but Gutierrez and Gray point you in the right direction with 23 easy and affordable projects.

“It’s funny. Timber Press came to us and asked us to write the book. We thought, we sell these, but you want us to write a book about this?’’ said Gutierrez with a chuckle. “Then we realized a lot of people can’t afford what we sell.” They put their heads together, experimented, failed, tried again and came up with almost two dozen fun planter projects for those who can’t get ready made containers, but want the same aesthetic. You only have to look to Pinterest to see the truth in that statement.

“The book is about making DIY containers with stuff you can find, but we tried to put our spin on it,’’ she said. “There’s some pretty cool projects in there,’’ Gutierrez said.

Writing a how-to book sounds relatively easy. It’s not, she said. “We had to figure out the projects. It was hard. We even had some that we just had to make up.” Example, the pair’s “Marbleized Masterpieces’’ turning plain terra-cotta containers into swirled art by coming up with their own slightly tricky painting style took multiple tries.

The projects and the time it takes to…

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