How to make sure your ski and snowboard gear is ready to hit the slopes now — The Know from The Denver Post

When word spread that 14 inches of snow had fallen at the Loveland ski area last week, the phone started ringing at Green Mountain Sports, closely followed by an influx of savvy skiers and snowboarders dropping off their gear to get it prepared for early season trips to the slopes.

Heat up the waxing irons — we will be skiing and riding soon.

Casual skiers and snowboarders may not understand the importance of having gear checked and prepared for the season, but there are good reasons to stop at your favorite shop. Skiing and riding are safer and more fun when gear is in good shape. And even if your gear was in good shape last spring, it may not be now.

Bases typically dry out over the summer, meaning they need a new application of wax. Maybe you didn’t notice that a screw was missing in the base plate of your snowboard binding, or you forgot about the boot buckle you broke skiing corn snow in March. Having your bindings checked might prevent an injury that could stop your season with one face plant.

“A preseason ski check is recommended to check your bases, check your bindings, make sure your boots fit properly, make sure the nuts and bolts and screws are all tight,” said Green Mountain Sports owner Corky Grimm, whose ski and bike shop has been a fixture in Lakewood for almost 21 years. “The edges need to be looked at to make sure there isn’t anything that was hit last year in the spring skiing.

“On the snowboard side, we see buckles that are missing or cracked, base plates that are loose on the snowboard. Sometimes the screws are pulling out of the base of the board. A lot of people really trash their equipment in the springtime, and it’s nice to get a fresh tune, everything back to being flat and sharp and ready to go.”

Perhaps a rock gouged a hole in the base of your skis or board and needs to be filled. Your edges might have rusted, especially if they were exposed to highway splash-back containing magnesium chloride…

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