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The survey is done and the results are in. According to the latest poll by U.S. News and World Reports on the “best countries to invest in,” the most promising locale is…Malaysia.

Not the world’s most populous country – China. Not the country with the cheapest 10-year cyclically adjusted P/E ratio — Russia. And no, not the U.S. either — though, to be fair, it wasn’t included in the survey.

Even if you don’t know where Malaysia is, much less how to invest in it, I’ve got some good news for you. Assuming you don’t mind ratcheting up the risk in your portfolio — exchange rate risk and the like — international investing really isn’t that hard.

With a little help from the internet and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), it’s easier than ever to put your money to work in the most profitable markets abroad. As proof, I’m going to tackle the topic of how to make an investment in Malaysia — even though it’s arguably one of the hardest places for an American stock investor to invest.

Why is investing in Malaysia so darn hard?

Why is the country of Malaysia so difficult to invest in? Let’s start with the obvious: Malaysia may be the best country to invest in abroad. It may deliver terrific profits — the Malaysian stock market is up more than 15% this year alone. But there are currently no Malaysian stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange — or the Nasdaq either. Zero. Zilch. Tiada. (That’s nada in Malay.) 

That’s not usually the case in international investing, where large foreign companies from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and others very often maintain listings on the NYSE or Nasdaq and can easily be bought individually. But it is the case with Malaysia, which makes this remote locale a great lesson in how to invest in foreign countries and foreign…

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