How this simple lifestyle tweak can make a difference

Pollution is real. There is not a single place on earth that pollution has not touched. Not even the air inside our houses. With all-encompassing pollution, the threat from lifestyle diseases has surged like never before. The day I realised this, I decided to change the quality of my life.

It has been a few months since I and my wife, Neeru, installed air purifiers at home. We use the Honeywell Air Touch S. It was a chance conversation with doctor on a flight that had opened my eyes to the omnipresent menace of air pollution.

That conversation left a mark for sure. I did extensive research online after that trip. They all pointed to the same thing: Indoor air pollution is a significant problem in India.

It causes more than a million deaths every year. Women and children are more vulnerable because they spend more time at home. Indoor air pollution is linked to allergies, asthma, and related respiratory diseases in the short-term. Long-term effects include cardiovascular diseases, severe respiratory problems, and even cancer. Indoor air pollution also makes pre-existing allergies and asthmatic tendency worse.

I was appalled with what I found. Each one of us had ailments that can be linked to poor indoor air quality. I had bad skin allergies. My mother-in-law, who stays with us, suffered from occasional bouts of asthma. Sakshi, our four-year-old daughter, kept suffering from hay fever and dust allergy. Even Neeru had been suffering from mild respiratory distress for no apparent reason.

One can try and minimise the presence of known pollutants, pet dander, pesticides and cleaning product that are known to impact air quality. But indoor air quality is also affected by humidity, ambient temperature, improper ventilation, certain building material, and specific kinds of furnishing. We cannot control everything. Most of this stuff is not in our hands.

I found a lot of information like these on, which helped us choose the perfect air purifier for…

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