How much are solar panels?

Since solar energy is what we are banking on for our prospect as a viable and substitute energy idea, we wonder how much are solar panels? It is rather expensive at first when you are aiming to install it at home or office. The technology is new and lots of pricey materials and specified engineering goes into developing the photovoltaic or PV cells which systematically rises the price of these cells. With the growth of this technology and increased knowledge of the community and its people, the need for this PV cells is on the rise. For that reason, you can always expect these cells to be expensive. On top of that, people are also trying to find different power possibilities that will lessen their electricity bills and spare them enough to take care of other household chores.

Solar panels are too costly

While it’s true, this power source is like no other, still it hasn’t been possible to make much headway in terms of getting into the mainstream segment. There can be lots of reasons why it hasn’t been in use by most of the individuals. The top reason being the technology that is behind the creation of the PV cells has not been optimized to guarantee that it replaces the typical power sources that are in use today. This also reveals that there are only a handful of companies that are  experienced in the manufacturing of these PV cells. Without stiff market rivalry in this segment, the price of the PV cells will remain expensive in the market. So, ‘how much are solar panels’ is really a question that demands a lot of speculation from our scope. These underlying aspects play an crucial role in making the price of these systems really high.

Prices do differ as per needs

So, if we are looking for the prices of the solar panels then we need to check out the prices that are provided by multiple manufacturers. For example, if we are looking for 4.5 ampere solar unit then it would cost you approximately 300 dollars roughly. In addition to the unit, there are other parts that you would require to make the system do the job and these involve meters, brackets, regulators and wiring.The whole package would put another hundred to two hundred dollars. This indicates that a single panel of solar system would cost you around four hundred to five hundred dollars. The high price of these technology is one of the leading factors why solar energy systems are not that common among people and its implementation and popularity rate is considerably low.

So, how much are solar panels? The cost of the solar panels and the system differs entirely on the type of solar panel you are looking for. The price will vary according to your requirements and preferences i.e. whether you are looking for business purpose or for household use. If you are looking to power your whole house with solar panels then it can drain a significant amount of your money as it can cost you anywhere from $30000 to $50000. Optimistically, the price of these products and panels will…

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