How gospel artistes can use their talents to boost their fortunes —Ighodalo

Evans Ighodalo is a man of many parts. Born in Obudu, Cross River State, though a native of Edo State, and has a Cameroonian mother, he discovered music at a young age. He speakes with Rita Okonoboh, on his experience as a gospel artiste. Excerpts:



I was born in Obudu in Cross River State. I am from Edo State, although my Mum is Cameroonian. I am the second son. I started my secondary school in Lutheran High School, Uyo, and finished at Ibadan Municipal Grammar School. I am a graduate of Computer Science from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. I speak Ibibio, Efik and Yoruba languages. After my NYSC in Abuja, I started work immediately at Abuja. In 2013, I voluntarily resigned and started my company Ltd – a travel company – and continued with music also.


How did you discover your talent for music?

I discovered it at a young age. My Dad loved music and bought all the reigning records in the 80’s, both gospel and secular, and that helped to build my passion for music and rhyme.


Why did you choose gospel?

Gospel means good news; it is life, it can never fade. I chose to give life through music and only gospel music can do that. I chose gospel because of the message it carries. The words that I sing are spirit and have life.


How many years have you been that you have been singing professionally?

When you say professionally, I will say ever since I received Jesus in my life in 1999, I have been a member of different choirs. I started one at a point, and also been involved in some musical groups, But my first single came out in 2015, with a song entitled Drink from the River. I have one album, Born of God, to my credit.


Which is your favourite song?

I have more than one, because as a messenger, God gives me songs and my job is to download and release. Any song that glorifies Jesus is my favourite song.


How do you handle attention from female fans?

My female fans have been very encouraging. They always express how they feel about my music genuinely and I appreciate that. For everyone that has contacted me, I make sure I value and respect them by constantly keeping them informed about our new songs.


What is the greatest testimony you have heard as a result of your music?

The greatest testimony I have heard was from a female fan, who recently sent me a message that for a year, she had one of my songs on her alarm and when it played, at that time, her prayer mood is activated. I know it is not about me, it is about the message in the song, Jesus.


Do you think gospel artistes should be paid for their efforts?

As a journalist, do you think you should be paid for your efforts?  Or because you added gospel to the title of the profession? We have doctors, lawyers and bankers, who are believers and are paid for their services. If someone sings professionally, and you engage his or her service, you pay for his service. However, if it is in his local church setting, where they are…

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