Harvey hit southeast Texas as a Category 4 hurricane Friday. Officials think more than 30,000 people will need temporary shelter.
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If all you can do is crawl, start crawling. —Rumi

In other words, do something even if it’s small. These words of wisdom (from the famed poet, not the Beyonce twin) are especially fitting now when the world seems more complex and polarized than ever. 

“Small actions can make a huge difference. When you think about what has ‘made your day,’ it’s often small acts of kindness given or received,” said Meg Selig, author of Changepower! 37 Secrets to Habit Change Success. “So much research shows that helping others — which some call ‘mitzvah therapy’ — leads to happiness.” 

Get started by picking and choosing from this list of “actionable” everyday ideas — crowdsourced from readers, fellow journalists and psychology experts:

1. Before you get into an online war of words, take a breath. 

If you are itching to deploy a withering retort to someone on Facebook, think about how you would frame it if the roles were reversed. Are you name-calling and giving in to your worst, knee-jerk instincts? Or are you making thoughtful arguments focused solely on ideas, policies and values? Edit your comment, if necessary, so that you can answer “no” to the first question and “yes” to the second. 

“Getting into a war of words with others who don’t share your views hardly ever makes things better,” said Toni Bernhard, who’s written books on living well. “People are deeply attached to their views … so I don’t recommend that you try to talk people out of their opinions. It’s time wasted that could be doing something constructive for yourself or others.”

2. Get offline

If disengaging from negative comments doesn’t work, consider limiting your “intake of disturbing news…