How Can Business Owners Help the Cause?

Green labels are a priority during Keep America Beautiful Month.

We at Lightning Labels offer a number of eco-conscious labeling options for brands that want to make conservation part of their identity.

A Month Set Aside for The Environment

America’s many beautiful natural ecosystems are worth protecting. Every April, this mission gets the emphasis it deserves through Keep America Beautiful Month. Manufacturers and retailers can use this month as inspiration and a jumping-off point to improve their eco-friendly efforts. Organizations looking for ideas on how to accomplish this goal can work with Lightning Labels, which is proud to offer several green labeling options. Packaging can be an environmental liability – but it doesn’t have to be.

Many Ways to Go Green

Every organization will have unique product labeling needs. Materials and finishes that are perfect for some products are completely unsuited for others. Instead of simply offering one earth-friendly labeling option, Lightning Labels has an entire lineup of potential choices that can give items an audience-pleasing look while helping the environment. The following are four great selections for green brands:

  • Recycled Kraft Labels: This material is best for brands that want their products to have an earthy, natural look. This is a visual identity that fits with a commitment to conservation, so it will be a perfect match for many brands, made of 100 percent post-consumer waste for a minimal environmental impact. Plus, the labels are strong enough for machine application.
  • Recycled Vellum Labels: Lightning Labels’ Recycled Vellum product is similar to its Kraft offering. This material is also 100 percent recycled and suitable for application by machine. The difference is in the appearance: Recycled Vellum Labels are an elegant and neutral white color, suitable for all kinds of printing.
  • Biostone Labels: Biostone is a paper alternative made from stone and made without deforestation, without water consumption, and without bleaching. It’s durable and water-resistant and the adhesive is biodegradable and compostable. Biostone works well for general prime label application on smooth surfaces.
  • EarthFirst PLA Labels: This material is made from polylactic acid instead of the petrochemicals typical in polymers. It’s similar to Lightning Labels’ most popular label material, bringing toughness and versatility that make it the right choice for a multitude of products.

Make a Statement

Brands that support the environment don’t have to limit their messaging to product labels. Business owners can turn to Lightning Labels for custom bumper stickers that emphasize their brands’ commitment to earth-friendly ideals. The bumper stickers should be printed…

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