HopStop Founder Chinedu Echeruo and Architect Pamela Abalu Launch MindMeet to Promote Sharing of Knowledge

MindMeet co-creators Pamela Abalu and Chinedu Echeruo

“MindMeet: It’s like Airbnb for your Mind”

Serial tech entrepreneur Chinedu Echeruo and workplace visionary Pamela Abalu today announced the launch of MindMeet, a new platform designed to promote the sharing of knowledge.

Simply, MindMeet is the easiest way for people anywhere in the world to share their knowledge, inspire others and raise money for their charity. MindMeet extends the sharing economy to knowledge.

MindMeet connects passionate experts with those seeking inspiration, wisdom and advice. While there are many sources of knowledge today through the Internet, MindMeet is unique in that experts give advice expressly for YOU and YOUR needs.

MindMeet Co-Founders Pamela Abalu and Chinedu Echeruo emphatically believe that “the right advice from the right person at the right time, can change your life.”

MindMeet allows knowledge seekers to gain access to the minds and experience of experts in domain categories. They are available in bite size time slots (15 minutes, 30 minutes and one hour) as in-person or virtual meetings. Fees charged by the expert are donated to his or her designated charity.

  •     Now, an aspiring entrepreneur in São Paulo can tap life lessons and business advice from a seasoned tech entrepreneur in Silicon Valley.
  •     A sommelier turned beekeeper can share advice for fostering healthy beehives with anyone in the world.
  •     A 93-year old relationship expert and great-great grandmother can dispense life lessons and advice for navigating thorny family and relationship issues.

“Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat all have their own utilities and purposes,” said Co-CEO Chinedu Echeruo. “We built…

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