Hondros College of Nursing Student Embodies Service in Work at Local Food Bank

Chris Greenawalt, Hondros College of Nursing student

I believe service comes from all aspects of life…I know I’m in the right place for my life.

Chris Greenawalt has been a giver his whole life. Initially working in food service, Greenawalt found that he most enjoyed being able to make other people’s lives easier. His commitment to service has continued as a nursing assistant at an area nursing home and drove him to enroll in nursing school at Hondros College of Nursing in Independence, Ohio.

But today, Greenawalt finds himself spending more time working as a volunteer at a food bank with Christ Kingdom Ministries, allowing him to pay forward through service and good will. This food bank is unlike many others in that it offers more than food supplies.

“We have become more of a family crisis center and look to provide the community with whatever help any individual may need,” says Greenawalt. “In addition to food, we also offer household goods and supplies for general living, like paper goods, cleaning supplies, clothing, and more.”

Greenawalt has taken an ever-increasing role in the food bank, thanks to the encouragement and guidance of his pastor, Bishop M.L. Rogers.

“Another difference at our food bank is who we are working with in our services,” added Greenawalt. “We do not rely only on the Cleveland food bank. We have developed relationships with direct markets such as Giant Eagle and the Mustard Seed. They are helping us directly allowing us to serve more for less.”

Greenawalt says that his favorite part about working at the food bank is meeting people in his community.

“It gives an opportunity to not only get to know new people but it allows me to see where else we can help the…

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