Hollywood’s top female stunt driver is a 59-year-old daredevil

Debbie Evans remembers her first job as a stunt driver. It was on a cult movie called “Death Sport,” a futuristic motorcross thriller that filmed in rural California in the late ’70s.

Evans was only 20, but she’d already made a name for herself as the first female expert motorcycle rider, with a sponsorship from Yamaha and trophies in competitions against the boys. Someone called up and asked whether she’d be interested in filming a few scenes for the film, so Evans went down to the set and revved up her bike.

“At one point, the stunt coordinator handed me a plexiglass broadsword and said, ‘Now I want you to run and jump off this embankment and swing the sword at the next motorcycle to go by.’” Evans recalls. “And I looked at him and said, ‘You’re going to pay me to play?’” she laughs.

“You know, my mom had always said to me you’ve really gotta’ stop being a tomboy. And it went against every grain in my body because I love anything active, running, jumping, climbing, surfing, waterskiing. I feel like I had been training every day of my entire life to be a stunt driver and I just happened to fall right into it.”

Evans’ first film credit was “Death Sport” and since then her projects have gotten increasingly higher in profile. “Mission Impossible,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “Independence Day,” “Terminator 2″… She doubled on the motorbike for Alicia Silverstone in “Batman & Robin,” in the car for Angelina Jolie in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and for Carrie-Anne Moss in “The Matrix Reloaded.” (The pair look so similar that the filmmakers didn’t even bother to hide Evans’ face in front-on shots.)

Courtesy of Debbie Evans

It was on that gig, actually, that the now 59-year-old Evans came the closest she’s ever been to feeling like her life was in danger. In one particular chase scene, Evans was supposed to bring her bike right across from a truck, before ducking out as the truck slammed into the wall…

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