High-quality Electric Trike, DC-Tri, is Designed with Top-of-the-line Components


When the DC-Tri team first began to develop their electric trike, they were committed to creating a high-quality personal transportation device.

The e-trike’s superior components, hand-crafted features, and competitive price point set it far apart from its rivals within the e-bike market – who use similar components and have a exponentially higher price range.

The team, which is made up of some of the best bike mechanics, engineers, and metal workers, launched DC-Tri on Kickstarter last week with a $50,000 funding goal. Now, fully funded, DC-Tri is set to begin large-scale production.

DC-Tri’s incredibly stable chrome-molly frame and Maxiss 26” front tire were designed and engineered to provide consumers with a steady platform, ensuring the safest ride. From the powerful Bafang 250W brushless front hub motor to the Tektro disc brakes and highly sought DNM Shock Forks, DC-Tri is certainly a forced to be reckoned with in the world of high-end e-bikes.

DC-Tri uses a top-of-the-line rechargeable 11.6AH Lithium-ion battery that can be used with any standard power outlet. On a single charge, riders can travel at speeds up to 15 mph for 30 miles on their DC-Tri trike. Consumers can also opt to self-propel or use the electric motor to ride the trike. Self-propelling allows the trike to be ridden like a scooter.

Although DC-Tri has three wheels, it’s no wider than a standard bicycle (or e-bike). The selection of Intek Zoom Alloy handlebars, which are used globally on other quality devices, means that the e-trike will fit through standard doorways for easy storage.

The DC-Tri team developed their e-trike with a goal to make it easy and comfortable for people to perform their daily commutes with ease. The team hopes to see…

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