Here’s why you should purchase a brand new spirometer for your medical practice

MIR Spirometer from CardiacDirect

Our physicians have seen full return on investments as early as 3 months

The most popular pulmonary function test otherwise known as the “Spirogram” test requires data from both a volume-time curve and a flow-volume curve, which will require your spirometer to have a full flow volume loop and interpretation in order to properly conduct a pulmonary function or stress function test. Fortunately for physicians, spirometers are quickly becoming more advanced and cheaper as technology in medical industry progresses.

Physicians can now purchase brand new spirometers with full flow volume loop, factory precalibrated turbines, and interpretation for as low as $495 ensuring that the physician can pay for their spirometer within one to three months if they capitalize on government reimbursements through doing only one pulmonary function test per day (depending on geographic location). If that same physician decides to do the 6 minute walk stress test, they can double their reimbursements guaranteeing that the brand new spirometer is paid off in half the time.

As most clinicians know, reimbursements are provided to those who perform the proper pulmonary function tests with the corresponding diagnosis and treatment. In order to receive payment, clinicians need to understand the procedures and rules of the coding and billing system set in place because certain billing codes will not receive payment by many insurance payers. Take these 3 steps into account when conducting pulmonary test to ensure payment:

1) Know the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes associated to pulmonary tests and the International Classification of Diseases Revision 9 (ICD-9) codes that go along with it. Understanding…

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