Here’s where Trump spent the past 10 days as Puerto Rico collapsed

Hurricane Maria is the largest storm to hit Puerto Rico in modern history, but President Trump was just a little too busy this week to gave the island his full attention.

A new report by The Washington Post breaks down how the President spent the last 10 days as the island’s devastation deepened. When the storm first hit, Trump responded by issuing an emergency declaration and reaching out to local officials on the island. As the week went on, however, Trump retreated from the crisis by spending time at his golf club and campaigning for Luther Strange in Alabama.

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The situation has since developed to a full blown humanitarian crisis. Only half the island has potable water and power isn’t expected to run for over six months. Though Trump actually bragged about the number of lives lost, officials believe that the number may be higher than the number being currently reported (around 16) because communication is so poor across the island.

Eight days after the storm’s landfall, Puerto Rico had just 4,400 service members participating in federal service operations to help the island of 3.5 million. Compare that to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, when the United States sent 22,000 troops.

Here’s where President Trump spent his week as Puerto Rico crumbled.

1. Flying to his golf club

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Trump flew to his golf club last Thursday night in Bedminster, New Jersey for a long vacation weekend. At the time of his trip, there was no power anywhere on the island. Cell service had been largely wiped out. The island was reporting record levels of rain and flooding.

2.  Having dinner at the club to talk about an immigration ban

Trump met with Homeland Security secretary Elaine Duke and other cabinet officials Friday night to talk about his upcoming immigration ban, not Puerto Rico.

3. Campaigning for Luther Strange in Alabama

Image: AP/REX/Shutterstock

Trump campaigned for his…

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