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If you loved Lady Gaga’s performance at the first weekend of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival via the YouTube live stream, you would have equally enjoyed the repeat Saturday, April 22.

Like last week, Lady Gaga eschewed the special guest gimmick for a show that clocked in at just under 90 minutes packed with Gaga in all her dancing glory, as well as the big hits and the deeper cuts. The only mild elements of surprise were her costume changes, which were slightly different than the first weekend, like a hot pink sweatshirt instead of a red one and a bedazzled fringed skirt.

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Her start time was pushed up 10 minutes, to 11:10 p.m., but she didn’t arrive on the main stage until close to 11:30. Dressed like a military-inspired dominatrix, she again opened with “Scheiße,” but the spotlight on her belt didn’t seem to blind the audience for as long in the opening number as it did last weekend.

From there, the crowd sang along to “LoveGame” and Gaga and her team of dancers and musicians continued the pop workout with “John Wayne” and “Just Dance” (with all of its keytar glory) before a musical interlude that led to the aforementioned bejeweled fringe skirt and “Born This Way.”

One of the highlights of Gaga’s set was when she spent some time talking to the audience, sharing little moments.

“Most people don’t come with their parents to Coachella but my mom and dad are here,” she said early on. At the end of the show she thanked them, her record label and management team in attendance, including Jimmy Iovine, and actor Bradley Cooper, the latter of whom is directing Gaga in a remake of “A Star Is Born.” The production filmed in the Coachella Valley this past week.

She also talked about moving to California a decade ago, bringing her New York style with her in the form of a leather jacket. She said people told her “It’s a little too hot out here for that leather jacket you got,” before pointing out she was wearing one in the desert Saturday night. Earlier in the day, temperatures hit triple digits.

And when it came time to perform “The Cure,” the brand new song that debuted at Coachella last week, Gaga said she was excited to premiere it at the festival and this weekend was excited to see if people had heard it.

After “Applause,” you could hear the crowd chanting “Gaga!” “Gaga!” as she returned to the stage for “Poker Face” before taking a moment to address the crowd one more time.

“All the artists that play here at Coachella, these are hardworking musicians and artists,” she said.

Lady Gaga  ended with crowd favorite “Bad Romance,” her most famous hit, which some members of the crowd started singing before she even took the stage in the first place. However, Gaga offered more, with fireworks to send off the night.

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