President Donald Trump has signed an executive order that aims to make lower-premium health care plans available to more Americans.

WASHINGTON — When it comes to health care, President Trump says he’s doing “the right thing” for Americans. He’s willing to work with Democrats on a bipartisan plan, he says, after at least three failed attempts by the Republican-controlled Congress to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

At the same time, he’s using the power of the presidential pen to unravel the ACA piece by piece — which could affect health care coverage for more than 11 million Americans.

It’s the government’s responsibility to enforce the law, just as it is for it to enforce laws that pay for the military, education or law enforcement. If the administration doesn’t follow through on the parts of the law that make it work, the program could fail.

Yet Trump has consistently denied his administration is playing any role, instead blaming his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, for all of the health care law’s problems. While Trump has called for the government to “let Obamacare fail” to pressure lawmakers to come to the bargaining table, his latest moves suggest he’s actually serious about following through. 

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Trump took his most concrete step to dismantle the ACA on Thursday, as he signed an executive order that would allow insurers to sell short-term plans that don’t meet the ACA.  “Since I became President of the United States, I just keep hearing ‘repeal and replace, repeal and replace.’ Well, we’re starting that process,” Trump said, promising the order would…