Hearing Aid Maintenance Basics

Your hearing aid is your auditory window to the world. You rely on it to stay connected – to communicate and be communicated with. Besides the social value of your hearing aid to you, your hearing aid has a considerable monetary value. It is a delicate instrument that must be properly cared for. Hearing aid maintenance is something you need to master to make your existing hearing aid last longer. A neglected hearing aid may not function properly.

Cleaning Your Hearing Aid

Cleaning is an important part of hearing aid maintenance. Inspect your hearing aid immediately upon removing it. Wipe the aid with a soft cloth or a facial tissue. Check the end of the aid that fits into the ear and see if there is any ear wax accumulated there. If there is, use the pick or tool that came with you hearing aid to remove the wax from the end. Some hearing aid wearers prefer to use a toothbrush to remove the excess wax. Either way, carefully brush in and around the plastic tubing until all the wax is removed.

Hearing Aid Battery Maintenance

Sometimes moisture can accumulate inside a hearing aid; this moisture can be extremely damaging to the electronic circuitry in the hearing aid. To help avoid this collection of moisture, open the battery door at night when the hearing aid is not in use so air can circulate throughout the aid.

Other Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips

It is essential that your hearing aid remain dry. Avoid moisture at all costs; never let your hearing aid become wet. Never shower or bathe while wearing your hearing aid, and never wear it in a sauna, hot tub, or pool. If you are prone to sweating while you work out, remove you hearing aid before you start to exercise.

Avoid exposing your hearing aid to direct heat. If your hearing aid gets wet, avoid placing it in a microwave oven or a conventional oven to dry it out. Instead, use the warm air from a hair dryer to slowly evaporate the moisture. Take care not to leave your hearing aid out in bright, direct sunlight, even indoors. Never leave you hearing aid in a hot car.

These hearing aid maintenance basics are not hard to keep up with. A few minutes a day of cleaning and care will help your hearing aid last longer and work better. Take care of your hearing aid, and it will take care of you.

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