HazardHub Releases FireStationHub, the Most Complete Fire Station Database in America


HazardHub, the nation’s only third-generation supplier of geospatial risk data, has announced the release of FireStationHub, the largest and most accurate fire station location database available with more than 54,000 fire station locations.

Bob Frady, CEO of HazardHub says, “Fire Station locations are critical factors in determining the insurability of a property. We previously used a variety of sources but found them all lacking. So, we went out and built our own. FireStationHub offers an incredibly more accurate assessment of where fire stations are located, along with how far away those stations are from any property in the US.”

FireStationHub was built by HazardHub from a variety of state, local and federal sources. In addition, HazardHub continuously scans local news announcements about fire station openings, closings, and moves.

FireStationHub contains the following data elements –

Fire Station Name

Responding Fire District

Full Time vs Volunteer Staffing

Straight-line distance to the Fire Station

Driving Distance to the Fire Station

Drive Time to the Fire Station

FireStationHub is a critical component to HazardHub’s Fire Protection Grade, which provides an assessment of fire protection coverage for any address in the US. The inclusion of Driving Distance brings HazardHub’s methodology in significantly closer alignment to the AAIS Fire Protection methodology.

Brady Foust, Chief Science Officer of HazardHub, adds “Building a fire station database is a time consuming process. We’re excited that Fire-StationHub represents the next generation of Fire Station location data. “

FireStationHub is available today via HazardHub’s API, or via our consumer site at http://www.freehomerisk.com. To learn…

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