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In the late Middle Ages the Roman Catholic church came under fire by reformers for the sale of “indulgences” to church congregants. Corrupt priests could make a pretty penny by selling these indulgences for cash in exchange for a reduction in the amount of punishment their parishioners would have to undergo for their sins.

Think of it like buying a mulligan on the golf course, only this one saves strokes on your salvation, not on the score card.

Eventually, Martin Luther targeted the practice during the Protestant Reformation and forced Rome to tell these priests to cut it out.

All of this leads to modern day America, where indulgences are still gladly bought and sold on the market, but this time they are of a different variety — now they are secular liberal indulgences where dirtbag, predatory perverts are given the green light to prey on women so long as they write enough checks to the right people.

I am, of course, referring to disgraced former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and the allegations of rape, sexual assault and workplace harassment against him that have dominated international headlines in recent days.

The fact of the matter is that Weinstein’s boorish behavior has been well known in elite Hollywood, media and political circles for some time. In fact, this “secret” was so obvious that even some people in radio were aware of his behavior.

And for the record, on the entertainment food chain, radio people exist one step below the guy at Venice Beach on roller skates with the accordion and one notch above Kenny G.

In other words, everybody knew.

Sharon Waxman, the founder of entertainment news website The Wrap told CNN’s Jake Tapper, “Hollywood has had a very permissive culture for a long time. Harvey Weinstein has been a very powerful figure for a long time, and a lot of money was paid to make it go away … it has been an open secret in Hollywood for a long time.”

On Monday, actress Jessica Chastain tweeted, “I was warned from the…

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