Harvey, the unwelcome visitor that just won’t leave

Michael Bedner saw disasters come and go during his 33 years with the Houston Police Department. Harvey, however, just won’t go away.

Bedner rides out every storm in his creekside community between Houston and Galveston Bay, and never gets more than a few feet of water on the edge of his property before the sun comes out again. With the water creeping up to his door Friday, he knew this time was different. A neighbor whisked him and his fiance to dry land on a jet ski.

Bedner is grateful to be safe, but “we have been trying to get back to the house every day, and we can’t,” he said Tuesday. “Not even the house, just our street. We just want to feel like we’re home. But we can’t.

“We’re staying at the hotel, and everyone is just walking around like zombies. It’s a helpless feeling.”

The hunkering down part of a hurricane usually doesn’t last this long. The wind calms, the clouds clear, the recovery begins.

As Harvey crippled the nation’s fourth-largest city for a fifth straight day, millions were left wondering when it’ll all be over, and what will be left. For many, the fear and anxiety inspired by this behemoth storm have given way to fatigue and restlessness.

Carla Saunders stayed in her home of 15 years until she was awakened by water soaking into the bedding she was sleeping on. She grabbed medication and…

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