Harry Styles Fans Thank Him With Pink Heart Project

In her Fans to the Front column, Brittany Spanos dives into what’s happening in fan culture on the Internet.

Before Harry Styles’ tour kickoff gig in San Francisco last month, hundreds of fans were equipped with homemade pink construction-paper hearts. During the singer’s performance of recent solo single “Sweet Creature,” they all held them up at once, creating a sea of hearts as the floral-suited performer sang “When I run out of hope, you bring me home” on the Masonic stage.

The pink hearts weren’t available at the merch table or gifted to the fans by Styles. Instead, they were part of a fan-led initiative started by 21-year-old Phoenix native Effy Phillips, a backer of One Direction since the beginning.

“They looked like a group of guys that I would want to be friends with,” she tells Rolling Stone of her interest in the group. “I love them all equally, but I always felt like I connected with Harry more.”

Styles’ musical tastes especially resonate with Phillips. Fleetwood Mac is her favorite band, so when Styles rolled out an album tinged with the Mac’s influence, she felt even more connected than before.

Along with a few friends who were also planning to attend Styles’ San Francisco show, Phillips cooked up a plan to show thanks and appreciation to one of her favorite singers. “We got the idea for the hearts from an account that said, ‘Hey, let’s all do something for the tour to show how much we appreciate him,'” she recalls. Since Phillips was traveling from Arizona, her friend Hannah made the nearly 400 hearts, which featured his initials and instructions to hold up them up during “Sweet Creature” and the show closer “Sign of the Times.”

Fellow fans were receptive as the group passed out the hearts and glow sticks beginning at 8 a.m. on show day. They ran out of the hearts by 3 p.m., and the fans who did get one had no problem going along with the plan.

“‘Sweet Creature’ is a song that the fans relate to when…

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