Gymnast Cathy Rigby drops Peter Pan dreams to help those who suffer violence, abuse – Orange County Register

“Just think of lovely things and your heart will fly on wings, forever in Never Never Land.” — Peter Pan

As kids, we yearned for Peter Pan’s magical island, a place that gymnast and actor Cathy Rigby visited hundreds of times during her musical career spanning more than three decades.

But, sadly, flying without a cable is impossible and reality is far more scary than even Captain Hook.

To help people ensnared in domestic violence, caught in the web of human trafficking or entangled in abuse, Rigby is in the midst of producing the Oct. 15 annual fundraiser and gala for the Orange County Family Justice Center.

It’s a mission that could be likened to saving the Lost Boys. But what many people don’t realize, is that Rigby has serious cred for tackling the fundraiser.

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