Gucci pledges to go fur-free

After many years of discussion with the Humane Society of the United States, Gucci is going fur-free.

Speaking at the 2017 Kering Talk at the London College of Fashion, the Italian luxury fashion brand’s CEO, Marco Bizzarri, announced that starting with their spring/summer 2018 collection, Gucci will join the Fur-Free Alliance.

“Technology is now available that means you don’t need to use fur,” Bizzarri told Vogue. “The alternatives are luxurious. There is just no need.”

The brand currently sells a wide selection of furs, perhaps most notably their Princetown fur-lined leather mules.

Gucci plans to organize a charity auction of their remaining fur items, with all proceeds benefitting LAV and the Humane Society, Glamour reported.

In 2009, the Humane Society met with Gucci to discuss the “social and ecological issues” that play into their use of fur products, along with their “corporate social responsibility,” Humane Society CEO Wayne Pacelle wrote in a blog post.

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“Gucci kept up the dialogue with us for eight years, and today, patience paid off,” Pacelle wrote.

The new fur-free policy will include mink, coyote, raccoon dog, fox, rabbit and karakul (also known as Swakara, Persian lamb or astrakhan), and all others species bred or caught for fur.

“Gucci’s commitment follows a long-standing relationship with The HSUS and LAV—members of the international Fur Free Alliance, a coalition of more than 40 animal protection organizations working together to end the fur trade,” The Humane Society said in a press release. “The HSUS and LAV will continue to support Gucci in identifying and reducing its impact on animals and the environment.”

The company joins other leading fashion brands and retailers in abandoning the fur trade including Armani, HUGO BOSS, Yoox Net-a-Porter and Stella McCartney.

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