Gravity knife, presumptive cancer coverage, e-cigarette bills sent to Cuomo’s desk (updated)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo received his first batch of bills in roughly a month on Wednesday. Included in the 42 pieces of legislation is a bill to decriminalize certain types of knives that often are used as work tools while keeping in place a ban on gravity knives and switchblades.

Cuomo vetoed similar legislation last year. Assemblyman Dan Quart’s bill sponsor’s memo states that the newest version of the bill clarifies the Legislature’s intent is not to ban all pocket knives, only switchblades and gravity knives. 

“This bill will ensure that the Legislature’s intent is clear for prosecutors statewide and will secure uniformity in the law’s interpretations,” the memo states. “New Yorkers shouldn’t worry that a knife that is legal in Onondaga County will be illegal in Manhattan.”

Among the other interesting bills delivered to the governor on Wednesday are:

  • A bill to require that passengers in the front seat of cabs who are 16 and older wear seat belts.
  • A bill that basically applies an inherent risk standard for patrons of agritourism activities (farm tours, Christmas tree picking, etc), for which insurance coverage can be costly to obtain.

Cuomo has 10 days, excluding Sundays, to sign or veto the bills on his desk, or they will automatically age into law. 

Update: Another 44 bills were sent to Cuomo later on Wednesday. They include: 

A bill to amend the sparkler sales law to allow counties to opt-out of allowing sales within their borders, rather than opt-in. Some related content can be found here.

A bill to provide for presumptive cancer coverage for volunteer firefighters. More here.

A bill prohibiting the use of elephants in circus and other entertainment acts. 

A bill to add e-cigarettes to the Clean Indoor Air Act. More here.


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