Good Leads® Announces the “Strong 2017 Finish” Incentive Plan for Outsourced B2B Lead Generation Services

Good Leads CEO Bob Good

The goal is to quickly fill our client’s sales pipeline in the fall such that they achieve their 2017 revenue goals, stated Bob Good CEO

Good Leads® is announcing the “Strong 2017 Finish” incentive plan with a 10% service premium offering for outsourced business development services. Good Leads will rapidly deploy a Strategic Strike inside sales team under their Prospect Builder® Program. Using a proven process and knowledge of a client company, the Good Leads Strategic Strike Team will skillfully act as their inside sales team. Key features of the Build The Pipeline incentive plan are customization of an ideal prospect contact database; rapid deployment of seasoned outbound calling business development professionals; short term program commitment that is scalable and extendable and a financial incentive of a 10% no charge service premium on new programs.

The Good Leads “Strong 2017 Finish” incentive plan is also applicable to their Sales Builder® Program and Event Builder™ Program, respectively, to drive fall sales or event attendance. And in all cases, the plan is backed by Good Leads’ signature guarantee and warranty to further protect and maximize client’s marketing and sales investment.

Good Leads CEO Bob Good stated, “Many companies are uncertain as to how to deal with the many marketing spend options. In announcing the Good Leads ‘Strong 2017 Finish’ plan, we are creating an incentive for our technology clients to finish the year with a pipeline of opportunities by offering a quick deployment of skilled business development resources and adding a free 10% time extension at the end of the program as a no charge premium. The goal is to quickly fill our client’s sales…

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