Glutasome® with Setria® L-Glutathione Unleashes the Power of Nature’s Master Antioxidant

L Glutathione is our body’s natural defense against everyday stresses, environmental toxins and illness that take their toll on skin, mental clarity and energy. Vitasome®, innovators of patented liposomal nutrient delivery, has developed Bioavailable Glutasome®, the first liposome powder supplement using Setria® L-Glutathione.

“Present within every cell in your body, glutathione production declines as you age. Glutasome® is an essential must-have antioxidant containing three amino acids,” said Jim Yiannios, Vitasome® CEO. “We utilize pharmaceutical-grade Setria® Glutathione, a clinically studied form of the compound in our Glutasome® formulation.”

Glutasome® unleashes the power of Setria® L-Glutathione to strengthen immune defenses, promote healthier skin, support diminished signs of aging and boost energy. Taken daily in a glass of water, Glutasome® helps replenish glutathione levels to combat oxidative stress at the cellular level.*

Each powder packet capsule contains 250mg of Setria® L-Glutathione, a well-studied and unique form of L-Glutathione that is stable when exposed to stomach acid for enhanced absorption. It provides intracellular antioxidant support, benefits cellular detoxification, and supports a healthy immune response.*

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About Vitasome

Vitasome® was founded with the goal of helping people live healthier with high-quality nutritional supplements. Vitasome®’s patented liposome technology solves some of the most perplexing problems in vitamin delivery including the absorption, digestive degradation, odor and waste problems common to most vitamins. In partnership with renowned doctors and scientists, Vitasome® has developed a cutting-edge method of encapsulating nutrients within protective spheres called liposomes to maximize bioavailability. These microscopic liposomes are lined with phospholipids — the same molecules that make up our own cell membranes—that protect the nutritional value and prevent degradation of the liposome. This allows for a dramatic increase in vitamin absorption throughout digestion until it makes its way to the small intestine and into the bloodstream. That means the liposome payload – your vitamins – can retain potency for extended release with the ultimate nutritional impact. Vitasome® is one of the only nutritional supplements companies to use both natural and PEGylated liposomes in order to ensure nutrients adhere to the molecules and replicate with your cells as they feed your internal systems. Vitasome® products undergo rigorous testing for purity, potency, safety and efficacy at independent laboratories.

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