Get to know about steps involved in stainless steel fabrication process

Over the past few years, stainless steel has fueled up as the most preferable metal for structuring and construction works. Owing to the robustness, durability and corrosion resistant nature, steel precision parts are extensively used in chemical, automobile and engineering industries. In present day and age, they come in an astounding assortment of surface finish and grades.
Comprehensive metal fabrication process is incorporated to manufacture well- built structures. It encrusts cutting, bending and molding of steel so as to enhance the strength and precision. Majority of credible and well recognized firms opt for meticulous designing in order to produce parts of desired shape and dimensions. Moreover they have come up with bespoke versions to meet the industry standards. Manufacture of steel precision parts is a convoluted process and requires state- of- the- art tools, modern machinery and skilled work force. With the advent of internet, computer aided tools are employed for producing impeccable applications.

Fabrication process-

  • Designing : Prior to the fabrication process, a detailed design of the required product is drawn. On the basis of commercial or industrial client’s requisites, a comprehensive plan is devised to avert additional cuts, bends and processes. These evaluations make the task simpler by eliminating unwanted steps. An overall strategy is formulated to get the bespoke application in an expedient manner. It encompasses several ins and outs such as composition of the metal, project budget, raw materials required as well as the time constraint.
  • Cutting : Due to the resilience and hard weariness, steel can’t be easily molded into shapes like clay or cement. Modification of steel is a convoluted process and requires proficient work force along with sophisticated tools. Metal can be sheared into sheets or lengths as per the requirement. CNC cutters, lasers, water jets or plasma torches are employed to cut steel into precision parts.


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