Gen Con 2017: Steve Jackson Games – ‘Munchkin’ and More

I always look forward to visiting the Steve Jackson Games team at Gen Con: They’re always an excited bunch, often hilarious, and a ton of fun to play games and geek out with. This summer’s visit was no exception, and there was some very neat stuff to check out.

Munchkin CCG

The big Munchkin-related news at Gen Con 2017 was the unveiling of the forthcoming Munchkin Collectible Card Game, which is set for release in February 2018. Starter sets will come with two heroes and 80 cards – it’s a two-player game, with each player’s deck consisting of one hero and 40 cards – and a core pool of 300 cards will be available. Also included with the starter set are level counters, coin tokens, and a die. The game features the work of seven different Munchkin artists, and expansions are planned for next May (“The Desolation of Blarg”) and August (“Fashion Furious”).

Munchkin CCG occupied a good amount of real estate in the Steve Jackson Games display case. Photo: John Booth


‘Fashion Furious’ – one of two planned Munchkin CCG expansions in 2018. Photo by John Booth.
There’s the other expansion – ‘The Desolation of Blarg’ – and a look at two Munchkin CCG starter sets with two heroes each. Photo by John Booth.

Steve Jackson’s Hunter Shelburne took the time to play a game with me, and although CCGs aren’t usually my thing, I enjoyed this. The core mechanic is that you’re hiring monsters to attack your opponent, while equipping your own hero for battle. The “hiring” aspect adds a new factor to this kind of play, though, since it introduces bluffing as a key strategy: When you send a monster against your foe, you place it face down and put a pile of coins alongside. Each monster has a minimum “fee” that you must meet to use it in battle – stronger monsters command higher fees. But if you overpay, you may be able to fool your opponent into burning one of their powerful weapons or armor against a weak monster. Mischief cards, loot,…

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