Garden Media Group Reveals What Marketers Need to Know About Millennials

Here are five tips for targeting millennials.

Millennials, the largest generation to date, has officially surpassed Baby Boomers to make up the largest share of the U.S. workforce. Having grown up fully immersed in digital technology, Millennials are often snubbed as narcissistic, “selfie lovers,” when they are in fact the most tech-educated generation thus far.

Just as Baby Boomers have for the last several decades, Millennials will dominate the consumer sector. It has become increasingly important for marketers and PR specialists to recognize their unique characteristics and adapt business practices to establish effective relationships with this demographic.

Here are five tips for targeting millennials.

1. Segment the demographic

Millennials are an extremely diverse generation which means it’s impossible to target the entire demographic with one blanket message. Millennials are found in every social class and industry which means the brands having the most success targeting this market narrowed down their audience. Segmentation can help marketers identify a target market where their efforts will be most effective.

2. Take advantage of social media

Having grown up in a sharing culture, millennials constantly like, comment and repost content on various platforms. Millennials want to constantly feel connected, and to cater to these needs companies must be active on many different forms of social media.

For optimal reach, take segments into consideration to determine which social media sites your target market prefers. Don’t invest time, energy and resources on a site that your audience isn’t using.

3. Be authentic

Promotional copy and sales pitches will not phase millennials. They like to make purchase decisions for…

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