Full transcript: Everything Mauricio Pochettino said in his press conference after Spurs’ defeat to Chelsea in the FA Cup

You played well but lost, how do you explain that?

It’s difficult to explain. First to congratulate Chelsea and then I think it’s important to describe the momentum of the game. After four minutes we conceded a goal. It was the first time that Chelsea go forward for the free-kick. Then I think we played well, we scored and it was 1-1.

Then came the penalty. I did not think it was a penalty. That was at the end of the first half. The team again showed big character and personality to dominate the second half. They played well and it was 2-2.

We were unlucky because from the only corner we’d conceded this afternoon and then they scored and it was 3-2 and it’s true the game was different. We tried to change and find some different options to play and then they scored an amazing goal. Nothing to say.

4-2 looks impressive for Chelsea. But I think it’s a game that I feel proud of my players. We gave all that we had. Nothing to say. It’s true that we lost. That is the way that we want to play. We respect the way that we play, our philosophy. It’s certainly a basis for the future. It’s not this season for us in the FA Cup.

David Luiz tackles Dele Alli

It’s the seventh FA semi-final the club lost, how do you turn that run around?

It’s my first semi-final in the cup. I cannot change the past. The past is the past. We need to be in the today, the present, to have a better future. I know that sure that if I am a Tottenham supporter you feel today very disappointed and you always want to win.

But I think the fans know the project and the pressure in the moment. I feel very proud. The players are putting in a fantastic effort. We’re building an exciting team. Only time to win. To fight in that moment in that level against Chelsea, one of the big teams in England, it’s fantastic, a big thing for us. Two years ago it was difficult to think and to arrive in that level, to wish that we fight for the Premier League.

Now it’s a reality. It’s important to be clever in how we develop the team, how we build the team over the next few years. Now it is a reality for several seasons that the team is fighting. The time was not today or this season to win the FA Cup, but we will try next season for sure.

Dele Alli celebrates scoring his team’s second goal during the FA Cup semi-final

Impact on the league for the rest of the season?

It’s not important. We will move on. Yes it’s true now the players are very disappointed. But tomorrow we will work again on the training ground

We will change again and focus on the next game in the Premier League and Wednesday against Crystal Palace. If you play as you did today you cannot be worried, because I think you will give your best.

Football today doesn’t pay what we deserve. But I understand totally that in football you can play well sometimes and not win. But you can only be disappointed for a little bit because tomorrow we will prepare again for the next game and try to…

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