Four University of Northern Colorado alumni create interactive card game, to launch Kickstarter late April

“Which of my co-workers do I complain about most?” “Over the course of my life, what hairstyle do I regret having?” “If I had to spend a night with one of my exes, who would I choose?”

Four alumni from the University of Northern Colorado are hoping to make their card game invention a reality, and if they do, these are a few of the questions that players will have to answer about their friends.

And yes, some of the questions get a little more … personal.

Colleen Stalwick, Chrissy Fagerholt, Jodi Sagastume and Melissa Derby are four “BFFs” who all went to UNC and graduated between 2000-02, all with different majors. They have a business together now called Easily Amused Productions, which is the maker of their card game, Friend or Faux. Stalwick and Fagerholt act as managers for the day-to-day operations of the business.

They’re launching a Kickstarter campaign at the end of April to raise money for Friend or Faux — $25,000, to be exact. They have 30 days to reach that goal to receive the money. If they hit their goal, they could use the money to take the game to production, then to retailers and distribution channels shortly after to get the game in the public’s hands.

Friend or Faux is a light-hearted card game in which players draw a card and ask the question on the card about themselves. Other players have to answer that question correctly to score a point.

Stalwick, Fagerholt, Sagastume and Derby all stayed in touch post-UNC, and about two years ago, the women stumbled into the idea of the card game — almost literally, after maybe one too many margaritas — on an all-girls retreat to Dallas. That’s the night Friend or Faux was birthed.

The women started asking each other random questions, and spent the night drinking, laughing and discovering their friends’ secrets. That night, Stalwick remembers she and her friends thinking the game was something other people would want to play — possibly buy.

The morning after, they all felt the same…

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