Fountains in Dallas TX: How do they Work?

It’s amazing how something as simple as falling water can create such a relaxed feeling for so many people. For centuries people have been engineering mechanisms to manage water flow for both practical use and aesthetic effect. The types of fountains in Dallas TX are widely varied in design, size, and purpose. However, whether you have a traditional model, one located in a natural body of water, or even an artificial waterfall, the basic components of all of these units are essentially the same.

In order for there to be a flow of water, there must first be a source of water. If you do not have a natural aquatic source nearby, you must create an artificial one. Often times this reservoir is located in a basin or artificial pond and is generally visible to the observer. Sometimes this source is hidden out of sight. If you want to install the unit in a natural pond or lake, your water source is obviously going to be the landform itself.

The water in the reservoir will be drawn up into tubes and then forced out into the air to create the desired spray pattern. Spray designs can be adjusted by changing the number of openings available through which the water is projected. Additionally, the elevation, direction, size, and even the power behind the mechanism pumping the water can contribute the visual effect.

An electric pump generally provides the power that forces water into the tubes and up into the air to create the desired outcome. In many models, this is completely submerged under the water in the reservoir. This type of pump must remain covered by water in order to operate properly. In outdoor fountains in Dallas TX, the water intake side of the pump should be protected from debris entering into it by means of a filter or some sort of mesh. This is particularly vital in a natural water source, such as a pond or lake, where plants and animals are found in abundance.

Another common feature is that the water is recycled over and over again. This limits the…

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