‘Forever friends’ recount 7 decades of memories – Orange County Register

Two Laguna Woods neighbors who have been buddies for 73 years credit the phrase “best friends forever” for its sincere meaning, having gone through war, love and life together.

Gordon Moses, a tall, slim 95-year-old, can recall most events from what he refers to as his “busy life.” However, he laughs when admitting he can’t remember the exact moment in 1944 at the University of Southern California when he met Neil Benner, his best friend of seven-plus decades.

“It was probably one year we spent together at (USC),” Moses said. “That’s where we met and developed a very nice friendship.”

On a recent afternoon in Laguna Woods, the two men recounted some of the highlights of their friendship.

Raised as a Utah farmer, Moses joined the Navy in World War II and was sent to USC for the V-12 Navy College Training Program for officers, shortly after boot camp. Benner, 93, a Los Angeles native, was sent to the same program.

Somewhere between going to the same campus church, being a part of the same fraternity and having similar classes, the two grew into good…

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