Forestry Expert Chronicles Decades of Work in the Field

Based on the author’s life as a forester in dozens of countries, Alastair Fraser’s book “Forestry Flavours of the Month” shows the expansive field of forestry and how it needs to focus on managing change and achieving sustainability.

Fraser explains how forestry changes with political cycles and how foresters can promote healthy forests. Addressed issues in the book include combating floods and climate change, illegal logging, and promoting sustainable forestry management.

“I was disappointed in how little the public in general know about forestry and how under-appreciated forests are, with the result that forests are being destroyed all over the world with little or no regard for the consequences,” said Fraser. “I therefore wanted to use my own varied experiences to try to raise general awareness about forestry and how forests benefit mankind in so many ways.”

The book also addresses the ignorance, greed, and corruption that have resulted in the loss of forests and major environmental consequences. Specific factors include economic interests and lack of proper government oversight.

“Forestry Flavours of the Month” serves to better educate the public about the importance of the environment and encourages young people to pursue careers in forestry to continue the work carried out by Fraser and others.

“Forestry Flavours of the Month”

By Alastair Fraser

ISBN: 978-1-52462-890-1 (hardcover); 978-1-52462-892-5 (softcover);

978-1-52462-891-8 (eBook)

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and AuthorHouse

About the author

Alastair Fraser was a professional forester in the United Kingdom and dozens of other countries for 55 years before retiring. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in forestry from Aberdeen University and…

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