Foods that keep you Cool!

The heat is on like never before and with temperatures relentlessly soaring higher, your diet needs to include more of foods that are light and have a cooling effect on your body. Here are a few foods that can help you stay cool amidst the maddening summers.

Summers are the time you naturally feel repelled by heavy, spicy food and would rather stick to something light instead. Here are a few good options:

1.  Water: Consume a lot of water throughout the day to make up for lost fluids, especially through body swat in summers. Loss of fluids can make you feel tired and low on energy, so it is important to replenish yourself with ample water. Also, sugary soda drinks or sports drinks that contain water can further dehydrate the body, so substitute them with a glass of natural coconut water instead.

2.  Fruits: Consume juicy seasonal fruits to ward off the heat. Your fruit basket or salad could include such fruits as watermelons, grapes, peaches and plum. Besides keeping you cool from within, these fruits are easily digestible, so they ensure your body doesn’t get heated up trying to process them.

3.  Cool Vegetables: Cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli, corn and leafy vegetables should essentially form a part of your summer diet as these have a super cooling effect on the body. Long grain rice and tofu are also good choices during the summer.

4.  Weigh your proteins wisely: Protein is an important component in your diet. But heavy foods like meat can heat up the body, just trying to digest them. Switch to lighter proteins like fish or cold beans instead.

5.  Dairy can be dangerous: While ice-creams may seem inviting and hard to resist, dairy products are rich, heavy and hard to digest. So try to limit your ice-cream consumption, shifting to fruit juices or sorbets instead.

6.  Curd: Not only does curd keep your body cool, but also tosses in a good amount of good bacteria into your intestines to fight infections such as cholera, typhoid, amoebiasis that creep in during warm seasons.

7.  Sugarcane juice: This will not only help you stay cool in summers, but with its high quantity of natural sugar – carbohydrates and proteins, energizes you from within. The nutrients found in sugarcane are also good for the functioning of your kidneys, heart and brain.

8.  Amla, apricots and cardamoms are also great summer foods that besides keeping you cool also benefit your health. For instance cardamom is a detoxifying agent, while apricots are good for those who generally suffer from acne breakouts in summer and amla is an excellent stamina builder in the summers!

9.  Soybeans, high in protein content, are also excellent natural coolants.

10.  Potassium rich foods like bananas and potatoes should be an important part of your summer diet, given that many people who suffer head strokes in summer are deficient in potassium.

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