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Jacoby Hurtado wants to be an engineer when he grows up.

“I like to see how things work,” the Garden City High School freshman-to-be said on Tuesday.

Hurtado was one of the participants in GCHS’ first ever drone camp that lasted all last week. What Hurtado learned during the camp will help him pursue an engineering career, he said.

“Here, when we’re working with drones, I get to learn how to code and how to figure out everything to make it hover from the computers and learn how to build a controller for the drone,” Hurtado said. “I just thought it would really be fun to try out the camp. It’s really helping me a lot.”

Yuriy Drubinskiy, GCHS math teacher, Robotics Club adviser and instructor of the drone camp, said participants were ninth through 12th graders and the camp had a total of 15 participants.

“I thought I would extend what we were doing with the younger kids to high school kids, and drones is a pretty good avenue to do that,” Drubinskiy said as the reason why he decided to host a drone camp.

“A couple things about drones is we can have CAD (Computer Aided Design), so that gets the kids looking at how can you create your own drone frame. That’s kind of a big part of it that I wanted to incorporate (in the camp,” Drubinskiy said. “The other part is learning the electronics. Drones are fairly simple, but they’re very cool to bring it all together and fly them.”

During the camp, participants soldered and designed their own motor boards and built their own body for their drones, as well as practiced landing them in different zones and through various obstacle courses.

“There’s always something cool about watching something you designed fly around the room,” Drubinskiy said.

Another aspect of the camp was looking at the aerodynamics of the drones — what makes them fly, how to control the flight as well as coding flight orders or patterns. Students learned how to code the drones to do…

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