Five Steps to Surviving a Conference

They can give you a career bump, or be an awkward boondoggle. Here’s how to make the best of conferences.

Work meetings at hotel bars, making small talk with total strangers, and waiting in line to use the restroom: It’s that time-tested corporate ritual, the conference. In theory, conferences should help the brightest lights in a corporate field share knowledge, enhance their industry, and advance their career. In practice, they can be an awkward boondoggle.

This week, Rebecca and Francesca went to a women’s podcasting conference in Los Angeles to do some firsthand reporting on the $14 billion conference industry. We discussed the pros and cons of gathering with industry peers in large numbers, and asked attendees to share their thoughts on compulsory networking. As a result of our conversations and experience, we developed five tips for surviving any conference:

Pick your conference. This one you’ve got to do way ahead of time, but know that the more essential to your industry and interests a conference is, the more you’ll be able to forgive its little imperfections and actually get something out of it. If you’re considering attending a conference, ask yourself if the panelists and subject matter really speak to you. One good test: Is there a word in the conference title that you use regularly in your work life? If not, it might be hard to make meaningful connections once you’re there.

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