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A veteran of the planning commission and traffic commission, Mayor Fred Minagar, 59, spoke to the Register about his goals for the city after he officially started as mayor on Aug. 14.

Minagar’s selection as mayor came after former mayor Jerry Slusiewicz resigned on Aug. 14 during a special meeting to discuss whether to remove him as mayor.

Minagar works at Minagar and Associates, Inc., a transportation engineering and planning company based in Irvine. In addition to his duties on the council, Minagar also serves as a representative on the Southern California Association of Governments and Transportation Corridor Agencies.

Minagar was elected to the council in 2014. His term expires in 2018.

The mayor is also a big traveler, having visited 45 of 50 states, excluding Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming.

Q: Congratulations on being named the new mayor of Laguna Niguel. What are you most looking forward to doing as mayor over the next few months?

A: My immediate goal is to complete the remaining three-month term of our former mayor’s legal term first, build cohesiveness to focus on what I’m sworn to do and to achieve direction on the common good while considering the needs of the few so that our entire city council can collaborate and cooperate on achieving the best quality of life for the city and the taxpaying citizens.

As I have witnessed during the past 21 years when I have served as a public servant leader in Laguna Niguel, traditionally and ethically, or in other words based on “Laguna Niguel Way,” I am devoted to continue serving our great city during my own term as the mayor effective November 2017.

An immediate attention during the next three months is moving forward with the Agora or “Downtown Laguna Niguel” development project.

Another attention is to finalize the plans and proceed with the construction of the entry monument signs, bringing distinct identity to our beautiful city by rejuvenating and revitalizing the…

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