First Multi-Language Web Conferencing Software with Automatic Voice Translation, Captions, and Interpretation Launched by Translate Your World

Translate Your World enables people to collaborate with each other, regardless of the language they speak.

Translate Your World (“Tywi”), developers of cutting-edge language and accessibility solutions with previous inventions licensed by Intel, Cisco Systems and others, today announced the availability of its new product Tywi-Vox Multi-Language Web Conferencing software, the first truly global collaboration system designed for international meetings and conferences that also includes the deaf and deaf-blind in every aspect.

Users enjoy audio and video conferencing, share their screens, display Power Point, PDFs, web pages, camera, and video. And all the while, the words that are spoken by presenters and participants become instant captions and subtitles in up to 78 languages. At a click, the subtitles can also become an attractive computer voice spoken in the translation language for each attendee.

For high-end conferences, Tywi-Vox includes channels for simultaneous interpretation. The interpreters’ voices pour through the channels at HD quality, and listeners can lower the conference speaker’s volume so that the interpretation is clearly heard, yet retain the atmosphere and emotion of the original speaker.

Where Translate Your World provides its renowned linguistic expertise in voice translation, its partner Voxeet provides multimedia and mobile aspects, the most stunning of which is the beautiful HD quality audio of voice transmission that caused Voxeet to be named ‘Gartner’s Cool Vendor 2016’. Sue Reager, president of Translate Your World, explains the advantages of collaboration with Voxeet: “In addition to audio quality, what is vital about Voxeet is the fact that each speaking voice is handled separately by their application. This facilitates Tywi’s automatic voice translation and transcription. Importantly, the entire Tywi-Vox Web Conferencing package is designed in such a way that it can also be installed on any company’s website and has APIs for developers. The features can even be used with other web conferencing like Skype, Webex, Zoom, Adobe, and similar.”

For automatic voice and text translation, Tywi-Vox offers 78 languages and the broadest quality controls on the market today. Translation is not limited to only one choice of translation software, rather participants may choose from up to 9 different state-of-the-art translation software, some of which are better than others for each language and subject matter. The translation process includes professional dictionaries, personalized user glossaries, and Tywi’s proprietary Context Engine that augments the translation software’s artificial intelligence. The software also connects with 5 speech recognition software for improved understanding of…

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