First class starts at FSU’s Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship

The first class of the Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship is held on Monday, Aug. 28, 2017, in FSU’s Health and Wellness Center. It is the first and only entrepreneurship program in the nation operating outside a college of business at a public institution. (FSU Photography Services)

John Breed just couldn’t stay away.

The former Florida State University entrepreneurship faculty member, a successful entrepreneur himself in the private sector, is back teaching at FSU after working the past year at a large IT company.

John Breed returned to teaching at FSU because of the unique opportunity to build the Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship from the start. “This is an opportunity to create inside a large university setting, so how could you not be excited?” (FSU Photography Services)

The opportunity to help launch FSU’s Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship was irresistible for someone with an entrepreneurial penchant like Breed.

“We like startups and new ventures, so how could you not be excited,” Breed said. “I came back to teach because of the positive impacts you can have teaching entrepreneurship and innovation. I could not think of a better, more fun academic setting to be in.”

The Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship welcomes its first class of 80 juniors this fall, including several at the FSU Panama City campus. Sixty students enrolled in the commercial entrepreneurship major and 20 selected social entrepreneurship.

“We’re off to a fabulous start,” said Professor Susan Fiorito, school director and entrepreneur in residence. “Students are registered, faculty members are excited, classrooms are booked. It’s our own creative and innovative company within the university. It’s a machine now, and we’re moving forward. We built this.”

Florida State built the Jim Moran School with the help of a record $100 million gift from Jan Moran and The Jim Moran Foundation in 2015. Over the past year and a half, faculty members and…

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