Finn Wolfhard, the Young Star of ‘Stranger Things,’ Shops for Vinyl

Luckily, acting did work out. Finn is a star of “It,” the horror film based on the Stephen King novel, though fans probably know him better as the geeky demon chaser in the hit Netflix show “Stranger Things.”


Finn started playing the bass guitar at age 7, and now plays in a garage rock quartet called Calpurnia.

George Etheredge for The New York Times

Finn, who is from Vancouver, British Columbia, was in New York several weeks ago to promote his new projects, but had recently started buying vinyl, so he made a detour to Rough Trade.

Dressed in a long olive-green button-down shirt, black skinny jeans and squeaky new Adidases, he bounced around the store like a messenger weaving through heavy traffic. He came across the album “Loveless” by the British rock group My Bloody Valentine, whom he had never heard before. He was also unfamiliar with the genre it was filed under: Indie-Rock/Shoegaze.

“What does that even mean?” Finn said. A reporter informed him that “shoegaze” refers to bands known to stand still and stare at their shoes on stage. Their popularity peaked two decades ago. “So, are they dad rock?” he said.

“I usually listen to a band called Twin Peaks,” Finn said, referring to a Chicago-based band and fingering its latest album, “Down in Heaven.” A few months earlier, Calpurnia had covered the Twin Peaks song “Wanted You” and posted it on YouTube.

After that, Finn became friendly with one of the band’s vocalists, Cadien Lake James. When he told Mr. James that he was going to buy the band’s album, the singer replied, “No, just illegally download it. If you want to buy it, buy the vinyl.”


Finn outside Rough Trade NYC.

George Etheredge for The New York Times…

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